Today, more and more people are trooping online to shop and purchases products and services they need. The prospect of ordering products in the comfort of their homes or on the go and receiving them in time is driving most people to shop online. And shipping is the cornerstone of efficient and timely shipping; which is why you should streamline your shipping process if you want to keep customers happy. Below are smart tips to help you optimize your shipping process:

  • Go for one of the best multi-carrier shipping solutions

The choice of a shipping carrier plays a huge role in streamlining your shipping process. Carriers that deliver products on time will help boost your business reputation. The best way to choose the most competitive carrier in terms of fast delivery is to implement multi-carrier shipping solution on your e-commerce website. Similarly, a multi-carrier shipping solution will help you deliver products to different locations at ago. With a single carrier, you won’t be able to do that. A multi-carrier shipping solution will also help you find an option to ship to places that have poor infrastructure. For example, it will help you find carries that use drone technology to deliver products to places with poor infrastructure.

  • Website optimization can help you manage your shipping online

The speed of your e-commerce website is crucial to ensure timely delivery of orders. It won’t make sense to choose the best shipping software only for your site to slow things down. So make sure that all your pages load quickly to enable customers to select their products quickly to set the delivery process in motion quickly.

  • Choose e-commerce shipping software with tracking capability

Customers who ship fragile and expensive products always want to keep track of their shipments. Therefore, make sure the shipping solution you choose comes with tracking capability to keep customers apprised of their shipments.

  • Offering cheap shipping will help you manage your shipping online easily

Customers will abandon their shopping carts when they purchase products from your online store and are met with substantial shipping costs at the checkout page. In fact, they would rather buy in a brick-and-more store than incur the huge shipping cost on your online store. That’s why it’s important to find carriers that offer cost-effective shipping. Multi-carrier shipping solutions will help you find the most affordable shipping.


A happy customer means more business for you because if they enjoy your shipping services, they’ll refer their family and friends to shop from your e-commerce business. Automating your shipping process with e-commerce shipping software will enable you to achieve that.