With the help of the best shipping software, business owners have a chance to compare shipping rates provided by different carriers easily. They can also get a few other things that will simplify the shipping process. If you are selling things online and you are offering these products not just locally, you have to look for good shipping software. In this article, we will mention some of the best shipping software options currently available on the market.


First of all, you can try ShippingEasy. This software solution provides a long list of features that can help you with different aspects of your business. In addition, thanks to ShippingEasy you can track inventory for all the orders regardless of the sales channels and shopping carts you are using. So, you can use multiple channels and carts and you will still get timely information. You can integrate inventory with five different eCommerce tools – WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, and eBay. When it comes to the prices, ShippingEasy is ideal for those who are planning on starting slowly, with a smaller number of sales. As your business grows and you have more orders, the fees will gradually increase. They have a free plan for less than 50 orders a month.


Ordoro is popular shipping software that has an excellent unlimited shipping package. This means that it’s great for serious sellers that have many orders to ship every month. In addition, you can use multiple selling platforms too. in terms of integration, Ordoro works just fine with the best seller marketplaces and shopping carts like BigCommerce, Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy etc. When the orders are shipped, you can track packages and update inventory through this program. The only downside of using Ordoro is the relatively high cost, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.


ShipStation is all about international shipping integration, freight carriers and fulfillment center. So, this software has specific shipping features that the previous two solutions don’t have. Don’t forget that most of the users of ShipStation are mid-sized businesses that have many orders per month. So, small business owners will probably find this solution expensive and rigid. With ShipStation you can get complete marketplace seller, multichannel and shipping cart integration easily. There is no free shipping plan, but you can try ShipStation for 30 days for free. They don’t need your credit card information to activate the trial period.