Once the buyers purchase some of your products, all you have to select, sort, package and send them. Many business owners have taken care of this process, but they are leaving the transportation for the end. In other words, they have not decided on product transportation yet. Although it looks different, the truth is that transportation is not simple.

You must think about the type of shipments you will have to make. In addition, you must have certain expectations from your carrier too. Of course, your basic goal remains the same in every situation – you want to send the product/s to your customers in a safe, fast and inexpensive manner. Additionally, you want to repeat the process over and over again without any delays, mistakes and hidden costs. The only way to achieve this goal is to use multi carrier options and if you want to get the most from them, you have to rely on multi carrier shipping software.

But, before you start using software like this, you must analyze a few key considerations for multi carrier shipping software. For starters, is it possible for the shipping option you’ve selected to be integrated into the three basic kinds of freight transportation? Obviously, we are talking about parcel, less-than-truckload and truckload methods. Each of them comes with specific regulations, rules, and standards. You must have a solid plan before you use them for shipping products. The software solution you select must provide smooth integration with any of these methods.

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In addition, it would be great if the solution you choose can issue compliant labels and forms. In case you didn’t know, shipping labels are not simple as they once were. The transportation option you use must be able to follow carrier shipping regulations, standards and rules regardless of the method of transportation – by airplane, boat or road or a combination of some of these methods.

Furthermore, you must use software that can work well with the rest of your software systems. Your business is a complex system and the shipping process must be part of it because without this information you won’t be able to get a clear picture of your business statistics.

In the end, the multi carrier software solution you will use must allow you to select the best carrier rates. In this way, you will save money and optimize the process of transportation.