Questions to Ask Before Opting for E-commerce Shipping Software

If you’re an e-commerce business owner, you know that it’s a daunting task to manage your shipping online. You have to take the orders, locate the merchandise in the warehouse, package them and dispatch them. This process can take a lot of time. But thanks to the innovation of e-commerce shipping software, e-commerce business owners can automate their shipping processes to ensure quick preparation and delivery of orders. But with many e-commerce shipping software, it can be a challenge to choose the right for your online business. So before you choose the best, ask yourself these questions:

Does the e-commerce shipping software integrate with your e-commerce websites?


While this might sound like a no-brainer, you must choose shipping software that integrates with your systems. In essence, the shipping software provider should be the one to fix the software and ensure its working perfectly before they leave.

The e-commerce shipping software should support all the carriers you currently use

This is also basic. While the shipping software comes with its own carriers, ensure that the carriers you currently use are on the list. This will alleviate the hassle of having to negotiate with new carriers for your shipping. In essence, the software should allow you to continue using your current carriers uninterrupted.

Does the e-commerce shipping software come with support systems?

We all know that software installation is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have any knowledge of installation, upgrades, and maintenance. That’s why customer support is critical when choosing one. The shipping software provider should offer multiple support systems, such as email support, phone support, and live chat support. Make sure to choose an e-commerce shipping software that allows you to built-in a shipping strategy for your business in the best way.This will ensure that you get help immediately if you run into an error during installation, upgrade, and maintenance.

Is it possible to manage your shipping online with multiple devices?

If you manage your shipping yourself, this question may not apply to you. But if you have a team of people that manage your shipping online, then this question applies to you. And so you must ensure that the shipping software you choose allows you to manage to ship from different devices or workstations.

Does the e-commerce shipping software support printers’/ label formats?

Before we answer this question, you should know that there are two kinds of printers; thermal printers and standard printers. Thermal printers make use of heat to print. Thermal printing happens in two formats; ZPL and EPL, which are languages that direct thermal printers on ways in which to print e-commerce shipping labels. Standard printers, on the other hand, make use of laser technology or ink to print shipping labels. So, yes, choose e-commerce shipping software that supports both printers.

What shipping scales does the e-commerce shipping software support?

The main aim of e-commerce shipping software is to automate and streamline all shipping processes to save time. Having a scale that’ll communicate with the e-commerce shipping software and enter shipping weights automatically is the solution. This way, you’ll not have to enter shipping weights prior to printing a shipping label manually.

What is the pricing model of the e-commerce shipping software?

The aim of starting an e-commerce business is to make money and lots of it. Therefore, it’s critical to know what it will cost to ship merchandise with your chosen e-commerce shipping software. The software provider must give you their payment model and see if it makes sense for your business. Always choose a model that brings higher profitability for your e-commerce store.

Also, find out if the shipping software provider has a contract. Some shipping software providers offer one-year contract and allow you to cancel anytime. That’s the best solution to choose. But if the shipping software provider doesn’t offer cancelation anytime, don’t choose them.